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As you can see from the site design, we like to keep it simple here. Quite simply, this is the most popular site on the internet for the best Agar cheats and other related news. We take great pride in offering you the greatest methods, tips and tricks to get to the top of the Agar leaderboard – without the gimics and those annoying surveys.

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Stay tuned as we come out with not only the most useful guide to the web version of Agar, but the Agar mobile app too. I bet you dind’t even know one was being built! That’s what we’re here for. We are the offical source of all Agar news, whether you want to look better than you friends with a new skin or get a new highscore, we’ll have you covered.

What is Agar.io?

You still don’t know yet? Agar is one of the most addicting games out there. Whether you found out about it through Facebook, Twitter or perhaps even on this very website, the game stays the same and we love it!

I’m sure you’ll remember agar plates from your Biology class in school. These plates of “agar” form the map on which you play the game. What makes the game addictive is the competitive element provided by the free-for-all or team game modes. If you’re here you may be a hacker, trying to get an edge in this game.

You play as “blobs” or circles and your objective is to grow, to become the largest bacterium on the agar. To do this you can collect matter or engulf smaller bacteria as you move throughout the map. Now if you’re only hearing about Agar for the first time, you’re probably thinking this sounds simple right? Well those that have played will know it’s far from it. With the split function a particular annoyance to many, it can be extremely difficult to grow on Agar and especially difficult to place yourself highly on the various leaderboards. Agar video game experts are standing by for all of your questions or concerns.

Types of Agario Characters and Specific Moves

There are blobs, viruseses, cells, larger, smaller, and medium-sized. Tactics such as hunting, preying, running pursuing, eating, splitting. See our full Agar.io Strategy Guide page for these and other tactics. What does that all mean?

Blobs are who you play as. This is the informal name for someone playing Agar.io. Cheating makes one more of a blob than a cell.

Viruses are green colored blobs with rough edges. Spiked sides may make them look scary, but they aren’t! You can use these green spikes to hide behind if you’re smaller than the virus object itself. If you’re larger and you touch it the right way, it will split you into separate sections.

Cells are what you actually play as in the agar world. Offended for being called a “blob?” Don’t be. That’s just us calling you by a casual name. As an agar cell, it’s your responsibility to use an agar cheat or not hack the game. That is up to you and based on your ethics and how you were raised as a child.

Larger, Smaller, Medium Sized Objects
As you start in the game, you are the smallest a cell can be. You must eat the next smallest stray food so you may grow larger than another person’s cell and eat them up. You’ll become medium very quickly, but be careful not to get chased or go near a larger cell on agario because they can eat you up! Working bots are available and that can help keep you away from the big cells.

Agar Hunting Tactics
If you end up chasing your prey in a straight line, it will be a much harder time for you. Try to base your prey selection on those that are near you traveling diagonally to your trajectory. This will make it easier for you instead of chasing them all around the map.

Prey Tactics on Agar.io
Running away from the cells on agar game that are bigger than you, is called the prey method. You can sit nearby larger viruses and hide behind them when you might be in danger. You can also act like a smaller prey cell if you know that you are slightly larger than a cell pursuing you around the room. Then, once they get close to you, gobble them up like the small pellets they are.

Running and Pursuing a Cell
Running away from cells and pursuing cells is what the game is all about. Always know how large you are in relation to any cell that you’re near. Just because you’re a blob doesn’t mean this game isn’t serious!

Eating Pellets
Eating Agar pellets is how you must start in the game in order to get yourself bigger. The larger cell you are the more of them you can possibly eat. Don’t worry about getting overstuffed! You’ll thank yourself after the top of the charts is reached.

Splitting is a good tactic so you can have a mass of littler cells that you may then get around the room faster and kick more butt in your pursuit to get on top. Agar cheats doesn’t officially recommend splitting unless you use our tips from the strat page we provided for you.

Agar Cheats Revealed
All the best agar cheats are revealed

Want Speed, Double Size, Invisibility, Flip, and Zoom cheats for Agar.io? Take a look at our Agar Wiki as we reveal all of the best hacks for agar and show you the revealed hidden areas of the agar game.

Hopefully through exploring this website, we’ll be able to give you a helping hand to place yourself at the top of the leaderboard, just like I did a few minutes ago. Want to share your leaderboard experience? Be sure to join our official Agar Cheats Faceboook page and share your own leaderboard screenshot too!

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    1. We’ve got some great news for you then! We’ve just published our latest bot that allows you to hack and cheat your way to 1st place. Please find it here.

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    1. Of course we can Alec, be sure to return in a few days when we’ll be releasing the best cheat available. If you become a member of the forum, we’ll be able to notify you of when the cheat’s ready and you may even get an exclusive version!

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    1. Yes our cheats are available and the best ones are here on site. Have you seen the great strategy guide?

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    1. Of course you can! We’ve literally just published our latest bot that allows you to hack and cheat your way to 1st place. Please find it here.

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    whenever I play as soon as I get biggish people chase me and kill me and I never get a chance to practice so could I PLEASE have some cheats, thank you.:)

    1. Amy Leigh we couldn’t leave you out of the fun! If you click here you’ll be able to get them!

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