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Android fanatics can’t wait long enough to get the official app for Android. Many people like to use Android over their PC because of the convenience of taking their Google smartphone wherever they go. You’ve played Agar on your internet browser at first, of course. But once you get it on your phone are you going to be able to do anything else except play it? There is an internet addiction facility in Korea for you if you need it.

Is This How to Play on Android?

The application that you want to download from the Play Store should be genuine. Make sure that it’s from the team. In fact, we have a private source that told us that will soon be officially available for your mobile. Now, whether you have a Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S5, or even a Nokia Lumia, you’ll be able to play the game on your phone.

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To install on your phone you should:

1) Unlock your Android phone lockscreen
2) Navigate your home menu to your apps
3) Open up Google Play store (ensure you’re logged in)
4) In the search bar menu at the top, type in “”
5) Select “install”
6) The official Android app should open up after being installed

There! Follow those simple steps and you should be able to play the game on Android. Agar will always be a free mobile app so don’t ever pay for it. cheats should work on your other devices too.

Whether you’re a desktop fan playing on Google Chrome, on IOS, Windows Phone, or even a linux guy, rest assured that you’ll soon be able to access agario on whatever device you like. Smart device or dumb device, when you play you’re making an intelligent decision.

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