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If you’re an Apple fan like me, you’ve been looking all over for the official IOS app. If you were able to play AGAR on the iPhone, would you do anything else with your life? iPhone doesn’t have the game on its appstore directly. It’s coming soon and our source tells us that the folks at are committed to cross-platform development and support.

How to Play on IOS?

Are you wondering how to play on IOS? Applications for your smart phone aren’t as easy to make as they once were. Apple requires developers to sign up for a license and there may be a 2-4 week wait time for you to get approved. Official apps on IOS aren’t released yet and we’re anticipating a quick release date. It should hit the top of the charts on new and top free Apple app store games. If the game is anything like the web-based version, then things will go well with the best itunes 5 star reviews.

Best Cheats iPhone Version

We are rolling out a nifty agar cheats guide to enable you to dominate and hack your way up the leaderboard charts once the game is on iPhone. Getting the cheats will be as easy as you typing in the pin on your smartphone and unlocking your device. We’ll definitely support all devices that the is ported onto. Don’t worry about not being able to play on smartphone because Android and IOS are sure to come. Windows Phone? Don’t count on it.

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