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There’s a new game on the block. A game that’s taking over the world by storm and will soon have 1,000,000 daily users. That awesome app is called is said to be a clone of the already-popular game named “Spore.” Agar has many features and more than Spore too. It features real-time multi-player gameplay that allows you to play with people in your region or your friends too. You don’t play vs. an invisible and mindless computer, but instead against other players over the entire earth. It’s like if the World Cup was on public servers up 24/7/365.

It’s like the wild wild west in the Agar world. Users can choose avatars and usernames that are often-times vulgar, contain self-promotion, or even other alternative text characters like a checkmark, X, musical notes, or other items. The swear and cussing words are seen, but overall the game is kid-friendly. The point of the game is to eat each other so you will notice that players stalk the weaker and smaller cells. Don’t take it personally, you’ll want to do the same eating small cells as you see them. Gobble, gobble. Yum, yum.

In this game you begin as a mini little cell, moving your mouse pointer around the screen as you collect smaller cells, or “pickups”, and eating the smaller items with the ultimate goal of growing so large that you make it onto the high score leaderboard. After you make it onto the various leaderboards or leaderboard of your particular game or region, you’ll want to survive as long as humanly, or “cellingly”, possible.

The games are divided up regionally and also locally in worlds or Agar maps called “rooms.” Rooms are what divide you from the entire Agar io world. As you get to the edge of your particular Agario multiplayer room, you’ll notice that your cell begins to fluctuate in shape and it sort of bounces you back into the rest of the room. Hacked Strategy Tips

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Here are our best tips so you can make it onto the leaderboards.

  1. Stay in a stationary spot. To not move at all and stay still on Agar, you should follow some techniques to evade the detection of players who are stalking you throughout the room. You can hide behind green solid cells when you are a small cell after starting out. Once the stalking player gets impatient, his play will probably become sub-optimal. How do you stay still and not move at all? Align your mouse exactly in the center of your computer screen. Right click precisely in that central location, and then stay still. Being still like you’re playing freeze tag might be childish, but it’s legitimate tactic that could keep you alive on the game.
  2. Build up your skills and learn tricks to stay alive longer. Agario hacks are not just a given. You should only use them as a last resort. This game involves true skill that you’ll need to utilize as you play and grow your cell. You’ll be constantly moving around the map until you’re large enough where the green solid cells can split you into more than one cell. Get away and dodge the larger cells, while eating as many of the smaller cells as you can. Even as a larger cell, you can still hide behind the solid green cells.
  3. Trick number 3 is a method called cornering. You can sort of cherry pick and hide in the corners, gobbling up players after you trap them and they have no where to go. Cornering is not a hack, but simply a strategy method.
  4. Move around all over to suck the blood out of other cells. As you’re a larger cell, look for the cells that are currently high on the leaderboard. You won’t die if you touch their divided smaller cells. Try and see how many of their split up parts you can absorb as you chase them down around. the room. As you continue to eat higher and higher opponents, you’ll soon find yourself up above them on the Agar leaderboard scores too.
  5. If you notice a cell that is chasing you but is just about the same exact size as you are, don’t be too scared. you’re not going to lose if you touch them. As a matter of fact, they won’t be able to eat you up and you will just stack on top of each other. Be careful, though, as it’s tough to judge the exact size of cells and if they’re bigger than you, they’ll be able to eat your cell.
  6. Don’t divide if you don’t absolutely have to. The way to divide a cell on is to press the spacebar on your keyboard. If you’re already a large cell you should try to grow and grow until you can eat almost any cell on the entire cell. That would be ultimate domination. Avoid another player splitting you, growing larger than them, and eventually their cell will become edible to you. Then you should eat! Did we mention eat? Eat more.
  7. Stay on the sides and hug the boundary. You can stay on the side of the map. This is called boundary hugging in this app. About one third of your cell will overflow into the outside of the lines, which can give you some much-needed extra room to get away from your opponent that’s chasing you. It’s great that your cell won’t pop as you touch the boundary line. This tactic may be something the others don’t know.
  8. If you have multiple monitors or computers you can have someone you know help you out. Here’s how. You can use one side to feed your main cell and the other cell can then become a leach. Constantly doing this and feeding your cell should help you grow very large. The best players don’t do this, however, because it is considered an Agar cheat that’s truly cheating. A hack in the Agar game that should only be used if you don’t care about ethical fame. Fame is for another post though, so don’t get caught up in the buzzwords.
  9. You’ll need to understand how cell splitting works. Realize that their is a sort of buffer where your cell can touch the green cells without actually splitting. If your cell is smaller than the space between two green cells they shouldn’t be able to split you. Again, remember that it may be tough to judge diameters and distance so don’t get yourself killed!
  10. Merge split cells if you need to. You can merge your cells into one single larger cell if you have the correct technique. To do this, you should arrange the cells in such a way that your cells can eat each other. Of course, as in the entire online game, the larger cell will always eat the smaller cell. Move to the side towards the smaller cell if they are next to each other. Otherwise move up and down towards the smaller cell and eat it with your larger cell. This cell-merge can be effective if you have ultra-large cells you’d like to eat.
  11. As with anything, this takes patience and perseverance to win. Play online for at least ten or so lives and ensure you’d really like to commit to this game. It may take three or four hours before you can reach leaderboard status, so if you don’t enjoy playing, then that could be a miserable time. Once you get addicted and fall in love with this game, you’ll want to play it constantly and crush at the top of the charts.
  12. Try the Agar game on Desktop, and on the Android or IOS mobile version. already exists on desktop computers and you can use any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safar, or the dreaded Internet Explorer if you choose. How can you play Agar on Android? You play it by downloading from the app store. A great experience is on the IOS and Android versions as you can play those on your smartphone, anywhere. Figure out what platform you like playing Agario on and stick with that. It’s best to play it and use cheats as you go if you’d really like to dominate.
  13. Share this strategy guide with your friends. If you show your friends strategy tips and tricks, they will most likely want to share their own with you too. Having a sort of mastermind where you can feed off each other’s experience playing the game will give you a leg-up over your other opponents. Have you gotten your group together to have strategy sessions yet? Do it now!
  14. Start an forum thread. If you want more advice you can easily get on a good agar forum and ask for advice there. Forums are a great place to receive honest feedback and alternative perspectives from your own.
  15. Send us a message at and we’ll give you feedback on your strategy or other ideas. Our team consists of experts and we have the network to get to all of the best players in the world.
  16. Practice makes perfect. Practicing your techniques is the only way to get good at any skill online. If you play more and more everyday, your skills will build and you may even be the person providing strategy guides to the masses. If you want to video yourself playing as you practice, that can keep you accountable as you commit to mastering.

Use Strategies to Cheat – Think Outside The Box

Keep thinking outside the box and figure out ways to have the best strategies for leaderboard status. Check back here often for our updated strategy guide and the best Agar cheats we can offer you. Using custom maps or custom skins on Agar is a way to enhance your gaming experience. You’ll stand apart from all that you know if you find a skin no one else has. Keeping the game interesting is important for you to get onto the leaderboard charts. See you in the room!

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