The latest list of Agar skins (Constantly Updated)

The latest list of Agar skins (Constantly Updated)

If you’re reading this, you’re likely jealous of the funny skins your comepetitors have been donning, right? Well keep on reading because we’ve got plenty. Despite Agar already being a diverse game, it continues to grow in complexity, with more skins being added all the time. What’s the answer? Keep visiting Agar Cheats because we have the most up-to-date list on the web!

Since the launch of the game, the following skins have been added:
doge, german empire, japan, usa, 4chan, european union, china, ireland, tsarist russia, estonia, canada, ukraine, reddit, hitler, piccolo, france, pewdiepie, south korea, greece, stussy, denmark, jamaica, hong kong, kc, prussia, botswana, germany, nigeria, russia, yaranaika, north korea, afghanistan, origin, facepunch, belgium, ussr, 8ch, iran, switzerland, cambodia, texas, ayy lmao, pakistan, bait, stalin, bangladesh, isis, satanist, luxembourg, norway, lithuania, finland, sealand, taiwan, patriarchy, thailand, 9gag, poland, matriarchy, chile, brazil, feminism, quebec, australia, romania, netherlands, indonesia, india, united kingdom, north korea, confederate,, cia, latvia, argentina, moon, ea, earth, vinesauce, scotland, qing dynasty, maldivas, wojak, steam, italy and peru, roatia, tumblr, nazi, prodota, bosnia, indiana, bulgaria, mexico, sweden, sir, belarus, sanik, portugal, spain, iraq, hungary, austria, .

Using the image below, enter the caption of each skin to enable it in game. Make sure to come back though. We’ll be continually updating our list of skins so that you can always be the most unique-looking.

P.S. If you use a low resolution monitor, the image may not show up correctly but by clicking on it, you can view the full image. Enjoy!

UPDATE 06/12/2015: We’ve added more skins!! All of the countries in the world should be available soon. Maybe Greenland or Iceland next? What about small African countries like Cameroon? Various other planets and far off stars in distant galaxies can be available. Would you like us to feature your Agar group skins on our website? Send us a message to and we just might get your agar multiplayer skins on here too!

The latest list of skins supported by Agar to date!