The Agar cheat is finally here!

Whether you like to call them hacks, mods, cheats or bots, we are finally releasing the best Agar cheat bot. It is, to our knowledge, the only bot currently working on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Following a simple install process, you will finally be able to rule the Agar plate!

The reason we’ve taken a long time to release our solution is due to our desire to provide quality. The only viruses you’ll be encountering will be those over at We can assure you that there aren’t any viruses in this bot or any future iterations that we choose to release. Now that’s we’ve got that out of the way, we should probably get onto a walkthrough of what our bot enables you to do.

Agar.IO Bot Features

Now I’m sure you’ll have seen other websites offering similar bots. The majority seem to offer invisibility, zoom, double size and a form of speed boost. Well not only do we support all of those functions but we’ve gone a step further and can offer a mass gainer, almost like those protein shakes that allow you to cheat eating a proper diet.

MASS GAINER: To continue the analogy highlighted above, this is like a premium Whey Isolate mixed with Casein and a sprinkling of steroids. When activated you can simply add mass to your cell. Of course this could be abused but we’re only here to provide the cheat as we promised so long ago. Options inside the cheat literally allow you to choose your size. I usually use it when people team up on me and I want to quickly get my revenge on them!

INVISIBILITY: Now this is another very cheeky feature because once enabled, you can choose the opacity of your cell. By reducing your opacity, you can make it increasingly difficult for your competitors to recognise your cell and by setting the opacity to 0%, you can achieve complete invisibility. You can also choose whether or not to show your username while invisible. I actually find it amusing to whizz around the agar with just my username and the rest of my cell invisible but I’ve allowed you to choose for yourself.

ZOOM: Don’t you find it really annoying that you can’t alter the zoom on the page? Sometimes you get so big that all you can see is your own cell or sometimes you’re so small that you can’t see other cells coming. Well then this feature should be able to make things a little easier for you. Honestly I think it’s self explanatory how this feature works – the cheat provides you with a zoom slider and you can then select whether to zoom in or out.

DOUBLE SIZE: Similar to our mass gainer, this feature will allow you to double the amount of size you gain from each cell that you engulf. For instance eating a cell with a mass of 140 would instead increase your mass by 240. How neat, right? You can also tell yourself that you’re being a fairer oponent than if you were to use the mass gainer. It will help you sleep better at night I’m sure.

SPEED: Finally the speed hack which was the most requested of all of our features that we now support. Speed across all cell sizes has recently been nerfed, to a point that it’s annoying. Well with the speed hack, we put you in control of how fast you’d like to be able to move. Again a simple slider will appear under the cheat’s options and you’ll be able to increase your speed by up to 500%. I find 300% to be the best option or else it will be so fast that you will literally be unable to control your cell. That said, try it out and let us now in the forum whether you can control it with precision at even higher speeds!

If you think you’re ready for the cheat, click that huge Download button below. Otherwise you can continue reading for for some more information on how to use the

Agar.IO Bot Instructions

Now like our site design and motives, these instructions could not be much simpler.
MASS GAINER: Using the appropriate box (which can be found by navigating to the Mass Gainer tab of the cheat) you can enter the amount of mass you would like to add to your cell. Then, all you have to do is hit Enter and you’ll see yourself grow.

Invisibilty, speed boost, zoom and double size can all be enabled through the Menus within the cheat options. To change their specific settings such as the opacity percentage you will have to use the cheat options, however, once setup they can be activated through shortcuts; “I” for invisibility, “S” for speed, “Z” for zoom  and “D” for double size.

Agar.IO Bot Download and Human Verification

What’s this about Human Verification?

Once you have clicked on any of the download buttons you will be taken to another page of our site with the final information before you will be able to start the download process. This page will highlight the need for human verification but I can explain it a little better here. Due to such a huge demand for the bot that we have created, our server is limiting the traffic that arrives at the download page. To make sure that as many real people can receive the bot as possible, we have enabled a system for human verification. If you are flagged as appearing to be a bot, you will be politely asked to prove that you are a human.  If this happens, don’t worry you will still be able to download the bot but you will be required to fill in a short survey or offer. This is completely free and we will never charge you for the privelege of using our cheat. We simply have no other choice in differentiating between who is human and who isn’t.

Now I’m sure you’re itching to download the bot and start playing so you can either scroll back up to the previous link to the download page or I have kindly placed another below.